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Have you ever noticed how your guests are greeted when they arrive at your home? Next time take a drive test and stop in your driveway and look around. Is it easy to drive in? Is the lighting sufficient?  Maybe you have a very long driveway with your home nestled on the back acres. Adding a driveway gate to your property will help ensure a deterrent to any who might want to just stop in or drive up the drive to take a look. Or would you like a solar option ? Keypad with multiple options? There are so many options to choose from. If you have any of these thoughts as you are building your new home or would like to add a driveway gate to your existing home, we will be glad to walk through these checklist items with you. From design to fabrication, installation of Brick or Stone columns to the final programming of LiftMaster Gate operators, Old Mill Iron can take care of everything for your driveway gate project. Adding a driveway gate to any property is a beautiful way to greet guests and welcome them to your home.   Photo is a beautiful gate recently installed in Arley, AL near Smith Lake by Old Mill Iron.