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Back in the day…

One of my favorite things to do is to drive around and look at the historical homes when I visit different cities. I love the design, the detail and the elegance of each home and the stories that were made in the dwellings “back in the day.”

One house we visited in Florence, sits high upon a hill overlooking the river. The owner told us that the house was used as a civil war command post due to its location high upon the hill. The soldiers could see for miles approaching boats traveling down the river. The ironwork on the grounds was very delicate but still intact. It made me think of the materials that we now have and how we can obtain some of the same looks for our current homes.There are countless design opportunities from castings (cast pieces of metal that are actually cast by a mold) to curved metal fabrication.  At Old Mill Iron, our on site designer allows us to design the most intricate of ironwork pieces, allowing the customer a detailed, functional piece that can last for years. These designs can be fabricated for new homes to bring that Old World elegance to the overall look of the home or to older homes to continue the original theme. Whatever the case, we are glad to help make your design ideas become a reality.

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