Powder Coating And Fabrication Experts

Offering powder coating services to customers in the North Alabama area. As a recognized fabricating company specializing in ornamental ironwork, we offer only the finest finishes and strive for excellent customer service and quality service. Old Mill Iron Powder Coating is a WOSB serving the commercial, industrial and residential needs in the Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee areas. Visit our Powder Coating Website…

Powder coating services include:

Medical Equipment, Commercial applications, agriculture equipment, Automotive parts, Retail displays and fixtures and signs, Commercial and residential fencing, gates and handrails, Industrial fabrications and components, Building materials, Transportation equipment, Structural steel, Electrical panels, Industrial machinery, Heavy Duty equipment, Fitness Equipment, Office and Restaurant Equipment.

Old Mill Iron Powder Coating offers multiple ways to solve your fabrication, restoration, repair and coating needs.

Contact one of our sales team @ 256.617.3827 or sales@oldmilliron.com.

Ship your parts to us to be powder coated

Follow these easy steps below:

  • Disassemble parts

    NOTE: Parts must be completely disassembled, or additional charges will be applied. All bushings, bearings, seals, gaskets etc., must be taken off or pressed out prior to sending items in to be coated.

  • Packing Instructions

    Wrap up your item(s) to be shipped, making sure you wrap very well. Ship in an over sided box so that we may ship coated parts wrapped several times in bubble wrap.

    We will return your items in the box you send. However, many times we over wrap with bubble wrap and want to make sure there is room in the box.

    Shipping Label Address:

    Old Mill Iron
    17872 Wells Road
    Athens, AL 35613

  • Print out Forms

    Print out (2) forms attached and include inside the box with your parts.

    Be sure to include a full description of the contents and the quantities which are included.

  • Insurance

    Insure the package for the full value of the items.